It’s a chilly, dark night on Christmas Eve and you are just a few miles from the US Border. For the past several months, you have been anxiously preparing for the night by studying the border terrain for safe travel. For both warmth and cover, you are wrapped from head to toe in black clothing along with a half a dozen others.

Together you are…

The Caravan: an information smuggling network that seeks to expose US cruelty in Mexico to the unknowing American public.

“Inventory check!” shouts one of the group. Most of them have flashlights, various flash drives, external hard drives, and other miscellaneous tech. You look down to remind yourself of your own flashlight and flash drive. Most of the group consists of technical savants who wrote the hacking scripts that you will use to get into the US Intranet. Unlike the rest, you are the social hacker of the group.

Looking back up, it seems that some of the members of the group are going to be crossing the border with their flashlights on. This may reveal your location to the IBPA agents, but without the light you might get lost. How do you proceed?